14 Chill Choons To Soak Up The Blues

14 Chill Choons To Soak Up The Blues

You are panning, it’s chilled Ibiza in your living room / bedroom. All you want to do is chill the feck out, not listen to anyone and have some me time. If you were out at The Morgan Bar last night and had one too many cocktails and now you’re absolutely bate hungover, you need something to ease the fear, we have 14 chill choons to soak up the blues. These songs are ideal to relax your mind and ease stress.

  1. Shakka when will I see you again (AMTRAC remix) – a nice chilled choon to start off with, uplifting! You’ll be bopping along to it fairly quickly but in a relaxed way. A good tune to listen to while walking as well, puts a bit of perk in your step.

2. Tep no pacing – we really like these guys. They have a fair few chill choons that are ideal for relaxing. This would borderline send you to sleep it’s so chill.

3. Moritz Guhling Philippe – 7 and a half minutes of pure chill. If you’re hanging out with your friends, this song makes for good background noise.

4. Hermitude Ukiyo – also very chill, it’s been around a while but it’s a nice one to turn on now and again.

5. Saje Take Care Of You – the sound you need, indeed. Ideal for an auld pan!

6. Dems down on you – Chill with a bit more of beat. Gets better as it goes on.

7. Jonas Mantey Frei – Nice, easy listening.

8. Gry – Lonely Lover (black light smoke remix) – calm your qualms with this chilled choon.

9. Saint Saviour Fallen Trees – tad bit more emotional, still a tune.

10. Marvin Gaye Sexual Healing (Kygo remix) – Unwind to this sound you need classic.

11. Bakermat One Day (Vandaag) – also around a while but a good, tranquil choon.

12. Klangkarussell Eistee Aus Der Dose – King Klangkarussell will make you feel like you’re on some sort of deserted island with this tune. Just close your eyes and imagine you’re lying in a hammock overlooking some sort of tropical sea. #goals

13. Nothing gold – Joakim (Todd Terje remix) laze around to this lovely choon.

14. David K Meet You – nice & chill.

So there you have it, a list of some chilled out, tranquil tunes to put your mind at ease after a rough night out or just to unwind at the weekend after a long week of work. Just remember, when you decide to remove yourself from the chill zone and enter the craic zone, come see us at The Morgan Bar where we will fill you up with booze, a bit of fun and lethal music with House DJ’s Al Gibbs, Glen Stankard and Steve O.



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