6 Reasons You Should Absolutely NOT Go To The Morgan Hotel In Dublin….

6 Reasons You Should Absolutely NOT Go To The Morgan Hotel In Dublin….

There are many reasons we think you should go to The Morgan Hotel in Dublin, but we’ve decided to spill the beans and let the general public know 6 reasons you should absolutely NOT go to The Morgan Hotel or The Morgan Bar…

  1. Well to start you’re right in the middle of Temple Bar, it’s so central UGHHHH. You don’t have to bother with cars or public transport you’re right in the middle of the city so you can see some of Dublin’s best spots within walking distance and partake in local events & happenings in Dublin. SO ANNOYING JEEEZ….

2. Our GM is a bit of a charmer, be warned ladies and gents Declan can charm you into doing just about anything and he’ll do just about anything for you! He has a fondness for the quirkier things in life! One might say the Morgan Hotel is like the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory of hotels in Dublin –  we have a quirky theme, funky style, delish décor and we’re not afraid to be out there. To say our GM Declan is like the Willy Wonka of The Morgan, would be a very fitting description indeed. (PS watch out for Glen in front of house too, he’s like a younger version of Declan who is known to woo the ladies, don’t say we didn’t warn you).

3. We have so many offers on at the moment in our hotel in Dublin City Centre (YAWN) you can see them here… from romantic breaks to shopping breaks to saving a few beans on a longer stay.. You’ll just feel compelled to avail of them!

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4. Our staff pay attention to the details so we will be ensuring your trip is as best as it could be! We will be asking you if there is anything else we can do for you, are there any more amenities we can provide? You’ll be telling us to feck off by the end of it. Ugh customer service is so overrated!

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5. If you’re planning a sober holiday, watch out for the Morgan Bar! We’re well known for our cocktails and once you get a sniff of one you won’t be able to keep away from them for the rest of your hols…

6. Our meetings rooms are pretty slick. Even though you’re going to use them for work purposes UGHHH it’s a great place for a meeting. If you’re in need of a sugar rush we have chocolate brownies, eclairs, double chocolate doghnuts, cookies, muffins and scones. We provide healthier options to the health conscious and we can do a 3 course meal, tapas or a conference dinner menu #winning

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So that’s it .. a few reasons why you definitely SHOULD NOT choose the Morgan out of other hotels in Dublin. Between our attentive staff and delicious food UGH you’ll be dyin’ to get back to the mediocrity we call every day life!



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