6 Things To Watch On Netflix If You’re Staying In Tonight

6 Things To Watch On Netflix If You’re Staying In Tonight

You’re off the cocktails tonight, you just want to pan and kick up your feet. If you’re taking a break from a boozy session at The Morgan Bar, check out our 6 things to watch on Netflix if you’re staying in tonight.

The Big Short

This film is excellent, in 2008 Michael Burry an expert on Wall Street foresees the housing crash and decides to bet billions of dollars of his investors money into credit default swaps. It’s touch and go for a while with a lot of people against him. The tale goes on with another few lucky folks jumping on the bandwagon betting on the housing crash. With a star studded cast including Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell this is absolutely worth a watch. Ryan Gosling is pretty hilarious as banker Jared Venett and Steve Carell gives quite a surprising performance as the blunt and brutally honest hedge fund specialist Mark Baum.


If you’re in for a thrill this is a good watch. FBI Agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) is accelerating in her career when quite a bleak gangland mission comes up in Mexico. She meets the very mysterious Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro) who leads the mission, things start getting sinister and she loses sight of what her role is in this mission. Is she just a cog in some sort of corrupt wheel?

Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer

#JUSTSAYMOSCHINO this documentary tells the story of farm boy Jeremy Scott who grew up to be the incredibly influential Creative Director for Moschino fashion label. He’s the ultimate fun boy in fashion. His catwalk looks changed the face of fashion for the better with their own, inspiring flair. He stood out his whole life and came from nothing, quite an inspiring watch.

No country for old men

It’s a cat and mouse chase with Lleweyn Moss (Josh Brolin) and Chigurh (Javier Bardem). After stumbling upon the aftermath of a big gangland shoot out, Lleweyn finds quite a large sum of cash that he decides to take. Unfortunately for him absolute crazy psychopath Chigurh embarks on a mission to hunt down poor Lleweyn to get the cash. Sheriff Bell (Tommy Lee Jones) who has his own secrets sets out to find Lleweyn and protect him. The Coen brothers don’t disappoint with this one.

Rear window

An oldie but a definite goodie, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! James Stewart plays Jeff who is unfortunately stuck in a leg cast and bound to his apartment on indefinite leave. He picks up a hobby of being a bit of a “Peeping Tom” if you will and spends a lot of time spying on his neighbours. He becomes infatuated with a situation he has spotted, a possible murder. He becomes obsessed and is determined to find out what’s happened. Grace Kelly looks absolutely amazeballs as well, total #girlcrush


Right, time for a laugh. Will Ferrell plays Megamind, a creature from another planet who has an unfortunate upbringing on Earth and becomes quite an unsuccessful, evil villain. Brad Pitt plays Metro Man, the local hero who Megamind eventually defeats after a lifetime of conflict.  When Megamind realises how bored he is after defeating Metro Man, he decides to create and nurture another villain to defeat. Quite a funny flick with cast members including Jonah Hill, Tina Fey and David Cross.

So that’s it folks. When your batteries are recharged come back to us at The Morgan Bar and get some bevvies in!




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