7 Things To Do In Temple Bar

7 Things To Do In Temple Bar

So whether you’re visiting a cocktail bar in Temple Bar for the first time or just want to know more about the place, here is the Morgan Bar’s guide to making the most out of your visit to one of Ireland’s most iconic sites.

  1. Cow’s Lane Designer Mart- on every Saturday from 10am – 5pm – Described as a “real market for hipsters” it combines the best clobber there is including clothes, accessories and craft stalls! Pick up some of the best Irish art & design has to offer. The mart prides itself on handmade luxury goods and organic products. Every time you go there expect to see something funky, new and different. Temple Bar has some vintage shops dotted around which can be unreal for a bargain as well as something new that only you will have.

cows lane

2. On the note of vintage & charity shops, Temple Bar is a haven for these. Whether you want a funky, retro-inspired shirt or a Chanel quilted leather bag, Siopaella offers a pretty amazing range for reasonable prices. Folkster are fabulous as well with everything from gorgeous gowns to fantastic fancywear within a reasonable price range.

3. Meeting House Square – this a great spot to celebrate all things cultural as well as cinema screenings, fairs, festivals, photography and tourist events. The curiosity carnival featured interactive science with workshops, “craft creatures” and games. They also do outdoor screenings in Summer months.

meeting house square

4. The Irish Film Institute – if you’re a movie buff and enjoy seeing something different, head to the IFI. It’s a great way of learning more about Irish cinema and culture. They show an array of historical and international films too.

5. The Gallery Of Photography – if you fancy improving your photography skills you can take a course or just enjoy current exhibitions. You can learn how to use digital camera equipment and get the most of your photography or if you wanted to do something different they offer “one-to-one black and white photography training” to show you the old school way of developing photographs in a dark room.


6. Of course we had to mention The Ha’Penny Bridge – no trip is complete without a nice stroll across the bridge where you get an amazing gaze at the city, bang in the middle of the River Liffey. You’re also in no-mans land (are you on the southside or northside? Who knows!) The bridge dates back to 1816 where only 450 people crossed it on a daily basis, now an average of 30,000 people cross it today.

Dublin . Ha'Penny Bridge February 2002

7. And of course, after dark you should hit The Morgan Bar for some serious craic and bants. Whether you want to check out a funky restaurant in Temple Bar and have a tame night, go for tapas in Dublin city or whether you really want to paint the town red with some cocktails the Morgan Bar is the ideal, quirky, fun spot to head out to.



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