8 Tips For First Dates

8 Tips For First Dates

Young happy amorous couple celebrating with red wine at restaurant

What to do and what not to do, just remember it’s all relative folks, different strokes for different folks so these guidelines vary!

So rule numero uno … where should you go? Well just sayin’ at The Morgan Bar in Temple Bar we have a range of drinks to suit all from spirits, vino, beer, bottles & cocktails of course. It has a nice relaxed ambience and it could take away from the nerves being amongst other people while not being too packed.


2. Now food wise .. what to order? Well we would just recommend avoiding sloppy foods where things could get a tad messy with wings, ribs, spaghetti Bolognese, any sort of long spaghetti with sauce may not be the best shout. But sure as we say different strokes for different folks so if you do want your ribs or spaghetti go for it!

3. What should I wear? Be comfortable, that is the most important thing so jeans and heels are a nice option for her or a simple dress with heels or wedges, topped with a nice blazer. Simple and sophisticated! Lads, just do your thing, the lady might appreciate an effort so a shirt might be a shout. Depending on what you’re doing of course! A simple t-shirt and jeans could be nice too.

4. Make Up! Au natural ladies don’t overdo it, guys like minimal and natural make up, it’s more important he likes you for you anyway not by what make up you’re wearing

5. Who pays? It is the 21st century people, split it! Especially on the first date, it could go down like a lead balloon if you’re sitting there waiting for him to get his wallet out or her!

6. We think tapas are ideal, you may have nerves or butterflies so you probably won’t be marvin! If it’s not going well either you don’t have to endure a 3 course meal with them either.

7. Should you go out after your date? Absolutely!! If they are good craic, sound & you are really enjoying your night with them, why the heck not! We don’t see anything wrong with this. Whether you’re having tapas or a few drinks, hit the tiles sure. Just don’t get absolutely gargled to the point you’re ill that’s not the best look. Also think of THE FEAR .. it will get ya the next day if you’re not careful.


8. Sleepover? Like we say folks it’s all relative & depends on the situation, people involved etc. Now we wouldn’t think this is an absolutely fantastic idea, THE FEAR might get you and why not keep them waiting? It could be worth it!



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