Can We Guess Your Personality From Your Cocktail Order?

Can We Guess Your Personality From Your Cocktail Order?


So can we guess your personality from your cocktail order? We’ll give it a shot..

The Morgan Bubbles – this is probably the most famous cocktail in The Morgan Bar in Dublin. With elderflower liqueur, lime juice, mango and prosecco, it’s a favourite with The Morgan Bar customer, specifically the ladies. We guess your personality would reflect somebody who is outgoing, game for a laugh and like the cocktail itself – bubbly and sweet with good taste ;)


Grey Goose French Martini – this is for the classy customer, somebody who likes the finer things in life. They know their “bonjour” from their “what’s the craic”. They won’t take any auld huzzar in a glass, they want the best booze in the bar. This one is pretty delicious with a hint of fresh pineapple and Chambord 👌


The Smoking Dome – this drinker has a bit of flair and loves the spotlight! Everyone’s going to notice a smoking dome making its way through the bar to your table. A Zacapa smoking dome with chocolate mist, cardamom bitters, Zacapa rum, sugar and orange peel. You’re not afraid to be the centre of attention and you like to be a bit different.

Bloody Belvedere –An acquired taste. Homemade tomato juice, tabasco, spices, Belvedere vodka, lemon and stout. The Bloody Belvedere boozer has a bit of fire in their belly with an acquired taste for something a bit different with a touch of class.

Bene Blush – for the hunzos – a beneficial bouquet of Beefeater gin, watermelon, elderflower, raspberry and fresh lime topped with soda. This is for the pretty ladies at the bar rocking some pink lippie & heels, the girlie girl 💁💁

Mojito – This drinker sticks to what they know! They know they like the mojito, the mojito is good. The mojito is their comfort zone. Or else it’s somebody venturing away from their usual G&T. They like the simple, classic flavours.


Pornstar Martini – the dark horse of the group. You think they’re fairly normal, nothing too mad about them – like the classic vanilla flavour. But they have an edgy streak in them, like the sharp sweetness of the lemon juice and passion fruit. The Pornstar is a classic but it’s nice to get away from what you’re used to with this cocktail.

So, that’s our take on what we think you’re like from your beverage order. At The Morgan Bar in Dublin city centre we’ve some of the best cocktails around. It’s no regular pub in Temple Bar, we’re quirky and stylish with great music from our DJ’s, sax & bongo players. It’s the most wonderful and weirdest party venue in Dublin city centre.




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