The Morgan Bar Cocktail Bar

The Morgan Bar Cocktail Bar

Have we got the place for you if you love a good cocktail. Here at the Morgan Bar, our bar tenders are more talented than Tom Cruise. For those of you too young to get that reference (puts head in hands and wonders when I got “old”) that’s a movie he was in when he was young, good looking and not scientology crazy.

Anyway as I was saying, our cocktails are top class, from the classics like mojito to our very own Morgan bubbles. There is no end to what we can mix up for you. We can have you talking about good ‘old fashioned’ ‘pillow talk’ to  ‘sex on the beach’ with a ‘flaming Morgan’ headache the next day. No I have not lost my mind, to figure out that sentence you’ll have to come on down to  Temple Bar and check out our cocktail menu at The Morgan Bar. Our mixologists behind our cocktail bar will happily mix up something tasty and exotic for you! The Morgan Bar is the place to be with DJ’s and our very talented Sax and Bonjo players Thursday to Sundays-  girls can party like the girls from sex and the city and guys enjoy it ‘shaken not stirred’. We are here to get your party started and ending in the early hours of the morning at the weekends and at Cinderella o’clock on the week days. We have great Social hour offers with a select list of cocktails we feel have made the cut. We are sure you’ll find at least one you will like. If you find more than one don’t you worry your pretty little heads, this great offer is available 7 days a week. From 15.00 – 19.30  Monday-Friday and 14.00-18.30 Saturday and Sunday. With all the cocktails just €7.

If you fancy yourselves as the next Tom or Tammy (stay with me here)! We also offer a cocktail class for you and a group of friends, with our talented staff. So you can ‘shake it like ya mean it’ and then show off your new talent to all. Its great fun for everyone and  you can sample your creation at the end. Sounds like my kind of day. So why not come down and see if we can make the cocktail of your dreams. If life gives ya lemons make Margaritas or come to us and we’ll make them for you, Even better!



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