Some Different Things To Try This Christmas Season

Some Different Things To Try This Christmas Season

The Christmas season is upon us and we were considering what we could do differently in The Morgan Bar. We came up with a few ideas that we think could be really lovely to try this year, it is the season of giving and good will after all and there are even a few really small gestures that would go a long way as well as making you feel good about yourself.



Whether it’s for the ISPCA, you can donate some of your time to support community development, children facing difficulties, befriending patients in hospitals and support people with mental health issues by counselling, fundraising, promotion and office work. There are so many areas you can get into and there’s sure to be something you would enjoy doing in there. Visit for more info. We’ve noticed in Dublin City that homelessness is a massive issue and the cause could use massive support with volunteering.

Give Blood


This gives us the heebie jeebies too and needles are scary mo-fos. However, this is a tremendous cause and you are really giving vital help to people suffering from serious accidents, recovering from cancer and people that are undergoing surgery. Some of us may have the initial fear or get woozy at the thought of giving blood but it is so important to do it if you can and it will be worth it for the feeling you get afterwards.

Small Gestures

Spend more time with your family and friends. Even a small gesture like cooking a meal for your family or bringing your pals out for a few cocktails in The Morgan Bar with yummy tapas. Or you could dress up as Santy and get Christmas lists off your nieces and nephews or give them a few pressies. Some people associate the Christmas season with spending time with family so take advantage of this and see your fam & pals as much as you can, you won’t regret it.

Gather all of your old clothes that you haven’t worn in the last 6 months and give it to charity. Whether it’s Oxfam or another charity shop, throw all of your old (clean) gear into a black plastic bag and drop it round. You can do a bit of Santa spring cleaning and get rid of a bit of clutter in the process.


Why don’t you try Kris Kindle with your housemates? A nice way to bond and you get a nice pressie out of it #winwin. Or you could throw up some mistletoe in the office to really have some craic with your colleagues, you can get to know them a little better (or a lot ..) anyway it’s all about just having a laugh at the end of the day! Even things as little as helping somebody who’s struggling with their bags in the supermarket or writing a letter of appreciation to a pal or loved one.


Check out what Christmas festivities you can get up to in the Morgan Bar, you could even bring a pal out for 23% off all drinks on Sunday ;) #sharingiscaring



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