Five Netflix Flicks To Ease The Fear

Five Netflix Flicks To Ease The Fear

So you’ve spent Saturday night out on the tiles in The Morgan Bar in Dublin, drinking cocktails until they’ve come out of your ears and you’re hungover to bits. You cannot get dressed let alone leave the house. So we decided to find five Netflix flicks to watch when at home alone or entertaining your equally in bits mates.

  1. Clueless – you are welcome ladies, this is a serious film with a lovely, light hearted theme. The perfect solution for ‘the fear’ and a very easy watch. It’s an oldie but a goodie! The shallow, rich Cher attends a Beverly Hills high school where she is just oh-so-popular with her fab friend Dionne.

Tai comes into town and Cher takes her under her wing, teaching her the tricks of the trade. This is the perf chick flick!

2. Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse Of The Black Pearl – even though it’s an action film, there is light hearted humour and a bit of craic with Johnny Depp. It’s quite a relaxing watch, not too violent or scarey. Just a swashbuckling classic! Johnny (Captain Jack) is a mischievous pirate who travels the seas and goes on mystical, magical adventures.

3. Bad Neighbours – this is just hilarious with Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne, who is probably one of the best comedic actresses out there. If you haven’t seen the film Spy with her and Melissa McCarthy, watch it after you’ve seen this. A bunch of rowdy college kids move in next door who spend most of their time getting lamped and just being noisy, annoying neighbours. Mac (Seth) and Kelly (Rose) seek revenge on the fraternity with president, Teddy (Zac Efron). Zac is gas in this flick, he’s also not too hard on the eyes.

4. Coyote Ugly –a film about a bunch of gorgeous ladies working in a Bar pouring beer and cocktails for a livin’. Singer Violet Sanford heads to New York in hopes of becoming a super star singer. While trying to pursue her passion, she starts a job in the Coyote Ugly Bar where they are famous for tormenting lads who are only dyin’ to get their leg over. Serious chick flick!

5.Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – the classic. Ferris executes every detail of calling in sick at school just to get the day off and chill with his pals while Principal, Rooney is determined to catch him in the act. Not only is this absolutely hilarious, it’s a very easy watch. Ideal for when you’re in a heap!

Staying in is nice and all, but if you don’t feel like a night in, head down to The Morgan Bar to avail of our fab offers and the best cocktails in Dublin.



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