Five Non Alcoholic Mocktails You Must Try

Five Non Alcoholic Mocktails You Must Try

Here are some really interesting and different five non alcoholic mocktails you must try! Here at the Morgan Bar in Temple Bar we are very obliging and will turn pretty much any cocktail into a mocktail. At €4 less than our normal, alcoholic beverages you still get all the flavours, textures, fruitiness and funness that you would get with one of our signature cocktails. So here are a few from our cocktail menu that we would recommend, even without the booze in it they’re still delish.

five non alcoholic mocktails you must try

  1. One that we are famous for – The Flaming Morgan, the flavours are just divine and you can have it as a sweet treat or a dessert. A concoction of cherry syrup, lime juice and pineapple juice make this an ideal choice if you’re looking for some tasty when you’re keeping off the drink or if you don’t drink at all! Remember our expert cocktail mixologists know what tastes good, so if you’re looking for a mocktail that is not on the cocktail menu, they’ll concoct something for you that tastes yum with their knowledge and expertise in mixing drinks to create unreal flavour!
  2. Purple Haze by Daniel Summers – so this is quite a unique one. Egg white, lime juice, cranberry juice, raspberry puree & lavender syrup, NOM! It sounds so unusual but the flavours work so well together. The egg white adds a superb creamy texture and foamy top while also enhancing the taste.

non alcoholic mocktail blog

3. The Irish Sin – If you’re looking for something with a bit of tang this is ideal! You get your infusion of fruity flavours with fresh raspberries and lime juice combined with a dash of lychee syrup, a tropical Chinese fruit that adds a fragrant, delicious taste. To add a bit of richness, the egg white adds a creamy taste.

non alcoholic mocktail blog lychee   non alcoholic mocktail blog

  1. One of our fabulous mixologists, Johnny came up with his very own cocktail that stem from his Latino roots, this one is distinctively delectable and screams flavour. Lime juice, orange juice with a dash of tamarindo juice and falernum syrup. The tamarind fruit comes from a tree in a pod like form, falernum is a sweet syrup with hints of almond and ginger. If you want to try something different, we would highly recommend this one.
  2. Bad boys – this again is something nice to try for a change. Orgeat syrup, passion fruit juice and lemon juice infused with mint. Orgeat has subtle tones of rose and orange flower water with almond, sugary goodness. The mint adds a refreshing element and on ice this drink is deadly!

At The Morgan Bar we are all for balancing taste and texture, combining ingredients you may never have heard of to create something different and delicious. We look at ingredients from all over the world to give a taste sensation like no other non-alcoholic cocktail in Dublin. It is great to see that mocktails are becoming more and more popular in Dublin and we are delighted to be jumping on the band wagon in that case!

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