Halloween Hun Style

Halloween Hun Style

Well ladies it’s nearly time to start shopping for your Halloween outfit. Now at the Morgan Bar we will be having a very fun, lipstick, lashes and lace party so you’ll need to get your best gladrags on before you come down! So there are a lot of trends going around at the moment from Pokemon Go to Suicide Squad to game of thrones and the Olympics. What will you wear?

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad

The insane, dangerous character from Suicide Squad is probably somebody a lot of people might try to emulate this Halloween. We have a few other ideas below for some different, quirky ideas. All the same , she looks slick and would make a deadly character to dress up and you can try to make her your own.

To go for a more main stream, pretty Harley Quinn look check out this vid:

We saw this comic book-look below and thought it was a bit quirkier than a pretty, soft make up look

Jessica Rabbit


Did anybody see Heidi Klum rock this outfit?? It was unreal! Check out the make up tutorial below, popular Instagram Make Up Artist Amrezy rocked the look too. The outfit is very straight-forward, you make the look with the right make-up and a daring red wig. A great way to look for ideas is through Pinterest.

Easy peasy one – Sandy from Grease

Get a perm ladies and own this look with some red lippie. Get some latex, leather or tight black jeans (we mean tight) and a nice black crop top with a leather jacket and throw in some red shoes to match the lippie. Sorted!

Image result for gigi hadid sandy grease


Us Irish are deadly boxers. Katie Taylor and Michael Conlan, we have a history of success in the sport in the Olympics. So why not channel this great sport through a daring Halloween costume? Check out Izabel Goulart, what a ride. Get the plaits in ladies and some black short shorts and crop top with some knee high boots & a robe from somewhere like www.thecostumeshop.ie

Image result for izabel goulart boxer halloween@tyffiii •.♡ Follow me on Instagram @stef.s_style for daily fashion & lifestyle updates of myself:


Pokemon Go

There are a few options here – you can dress up as a Pokemon trainer or an actual pokemon itself. The trainer would be easy enough – just get some athletic gear, a coloured wig, pair of runners, a ball painted red and white, fingerless gloves and a baseball cap and you’re good to go. Now our ladies at The Morgan Bar are not shy so if you want a make-up tutorial on some Pokemon characters have a goo at this:

Burning Man Festival

Gorgeous bindis, headpieces with mythical hair glitter and stunning jewelled pieces. Get some bandanas, head dresses, sunglasses, big bold necklaces, bikinis, fur coats, flowers and some gorgeous make up. Check out the burning man video for some inspo. Check out this website for pretty bindis and glitter. http://www.inyour-dreams.com/shop?sort=newest

Now get down to The Morgan Bar this Halloween for some serious craic with dare to be different outfits and Halloween inspired cocktails, not one to be missed!



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