Have we got food for you!

Have we got food for you!

Did your boss ask you to work through lunch again? You walked into temple bar, saw the Morgan bar and got yourself a drink off our super friendly staff? Well it doesn’t have to end there. By all means fruit purée is one of your five a day as far as we are concerned. But why not have some tapas too? You’re in luck, here at the Morgan tapas is what we love. If you have finally left the office take a seat and enjoy some of the select plates off our social menu. Served Monday-Friday 3-7.30pm. Surely your boss sets you free before then!? If not don’t you worry you can still get this great offer Saturday-Sunday 2-6.30pm. And you tell your Boss we at the Morgan feel you deserve a weekday to avail of the greatness that is social hours.

Fish starter

If you’re looking for some grub to feed the masses if your celebrating your love for a big bash with us at the Morgan.  We have party platters that will make even that ‘fussy’ friend happy. We love parties and we love to keep them well fed too. From our finger lickin’ chickin’ to our patas bravas, (that’s how the Spanish do chips and they are amazing!) we have something for everyone. All this partying taking its toll? Do not fear the Morgan is here! Enjoy something more relaxed from our main menu maybe even a 3 course meal? You can worry about it later when your trainer is yelling at you at boot camp next week, you tell him it was well worth it! And that it’s all the Morgan’s fault for being that friend who temps you into that chocolate cake.



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