You Know You’re In Dublin When You See & Hear These 6 Things

You Know You’re In Dublin When You See & Hear These 6 Things

  1. The positive atmosphere and buzz in the city, there’s always loads of people around. Grafton Street around Christmas time is definitely something I would recommend to see! The festive ambiance is just amazing, there are carol singers, buskers, Brown Thomas and their Christmas department is a must see! It is probably one of the best times to  be in Dublin city. Not to mention the craic that is had at night time in the city. Everyone is just happy, enjoying themselves on a night out with their chums. The bars are a bit of craic too, especially The Morgan Bar ;)

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2. When you see BIRDS. Yeah they’re everywhere too, they swoop over your head, they follow you (they’re onto us), they will just land right in front you and make a weird, loud screeching sound. If you’re lucky enough to work in the city they can also appear before your window when you’re in the office. Those mischievous little buggers!

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3. When you hear Buskers, whether they’re good, bad, they float, they sing, play instruments, stand perfectly still, dress up. There’s something for everyone really! It’s especially nice to see young, talented people getting the courage to go out and do it. Fair play!

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4. When you see and hear Bus Tours. Yep they’re around a fair bit now, the hop-on hop-off city tour, the Viking splash tour and that ghost tour bus at night that all the mad ones get on!

5. During the summer, millions of young people travel from France, Spain, Germany and more throughout Europe and further afield. They ransack all public transport services and generally just take over the city. And yes there is definitely over a couple of million of them!

6. At night – you hear people singing joyously. Whether it’s a stag do, hen party, bunch of girls, bunch of lads, bunch of auld lads, there’s always a lot of singing and dancing to be had in Dublin city centre at night time mainly. Although it isn’t unheard of to take place during the day as well. This is more of a prominent sound in Dublin during football matches, sporting events or any other event to celebrate patriotism. This can range from “Ole ole ole ole” and “Come on you boys in green” with a COYBIG response. We are known as the best fans in the world for a reason!

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So if you are out and about in town, seeing and hearing all of the sights and sounds of Dublin, be sure to pop into the Morgan Bar. If you survive the crowds, the bus tours and the students you deserve a delicious cocktail in Temple Bar where the craic is mighty, the streets are cobbled and the atmosphere is electric. If cocktails aren’t your thing be sure to check out our Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea Party. We might be a bit mad but all of the best places are!



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