Morgan Birthday Celebrations

Morgan Birthday Celebrations

Birthday GirlIt’s Your Birthday? Well happy birthday to you. How about you grab your friends and family and come on over to us here at the Morgan? We Love a good party. And there is nothing better than birthdays. It’s the only time of the year you get away with everything. So book a table, book an area and get ready for a great night.

We have platters to keep the munches at bay and drink offers to… well to make you really merry. We will store and guard with our life that delicious chocolate cake you got. There is a bottle of prosecco thrown in there too. That is not where it ends though my friend. Why not get a mojito box for just €125 and become a mojito making master. Not sure if you want a strawberry or Passion fruit one? Make both or even better, mix them together. We don’t want to stop your creativity here. We will show you the basic’s then let your inner bartender fly. Maybe your more a Vodka lover?

Birthday BoyDon’t you worry Why not go for gold and get two bottles of absolute with mixers. Or maybe your about the bubbles- I know I am! There’s no angry way to say bubbles. (Ok take a minute… have you stopped saying bubbles? Are you getting a few looks while you read this at your desk?) Like I was saying Silver isn’t just the colour of that new ring you got for your birthday, Why not get 4 bottles of prosecco for just €140. It comes with strawberries and everything! Before I get carried away with the thought of prosecco, let’s just think about this. There is a drink for everyone and the music will be playing all night long. We will help throw you a bash that Kim K would be jealous of. (Is she still cool? Ok I’m going now)..



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