Morgan Penthouse Summer Parties

Morgan Penthouse Summer Parties

Why is the Morgan Penthouse the best darn place to have a barbecue party this Summer?

Well to start, at our Morgan Penthouse Summer parties, we can accommodate your every need whether it’s a rooftop bar, DJ or if you fancy starting the summer off in style, you can get a few mojito boxes with fresh limes and Thomas Henry tonic to top off your Morgan Summer penthouse party at the top of Dublin.


Our penthouse has welcomed a few friendly faces including models getting in the nip, nonchalantly lying across our glass table in their undergarments (ugh…. RUDE!) we’ve also had Lady Gaga, One Direction, Dizzee Rascal to name a few.

morgan summer penthouse parties

I mean look at this girl with her clothes off! #LooseAsAGoose

morgan penthouse parties

You can crack open a bottle of wine and soak up the #scenes

morgan penthouse summer parties

The Airstream is a bit of craic (well we should hope so, we had to get a crane to put it up there). It’s pretty much self-servicing so if you fancy cooking on our miniature cooker, washing the dishes in our little sink or just chill with the mood lights, you can do so.  Or you can just sit in it, drink in hand for a private chat with the girlos (it’s a great gossiping spot). Don’t ever call it a caravan though, that’s blasphemy, we paid good money for that thing.

morgan penthouse summer parties

Our bartenders can be a bit of good craic, see videos below.. who wouldn’t want one of these lads at their party?? They’re absolute hoots!

Check out our #BBQ video, nothing tastes better than some smokey ribs straight off the grill on our rooftop terrace.

He has something HUGE under his cape, #SpanishWine is €5 all week #TheMorganBar #SpanishStallion #Zoro #Andale

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 The view from the top is pretty #sweet – we actually have a frame so you can actually “frame Dublin” in our frame .. see what we did there? It’s a nice spot for the gals to gather for a fab photo opportunity as well. #HunsOnTour #SunsOutHunsOut

morgan penthouse summer parties

We’ve had a few pop ups so we do LOVE a themed party.. we’re doing selected dates for half price hire too. Email for deets.

You can check out our Summer BBQs here you can have a personal chef, cooking up some finger lickin’ good meats & vegetarian options for your guests as well as delish desserts.

For more info. contact or call us on 01 643 7000 for any BBQ enquiries, they don’t do it like we do it anywhere else.



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