Morgan Temptations

Summer BBQ's at The Morgan Bar

Morgan Temptations

So last weekend you went on a shopping spree and you may or may not have bought your 50th pair of shoes or purchased that brand new game for your Xbox which resulted in you staying in and playing for the entire weekend – we agree it’s an epic game! To change this week up you want to socialise and you feel like grabbing a few drinks with friends BUT your bank balance is just not helping you out! Do not panic!!


For all you early bird drinkers we have a great selection of food and drink with great prices to match your low budget. From tapas plates at a fiver, to cocktails for just €7 or our selected drafts at a fiver. This amazing social offer runs 7 days a week! From 3-7.30 Mon-Thursday and 2-6.30 Sat-Sunday. It’s the perfect way to get your evening started no matter the day. Or maybe it’s Sunday and you have finally dragged yourself out of bed after your crazy night out before. Or from a hard weekend in work if you’re in the Restaurant and Bar industry. You have finally got showered dressed and feel a little human again. Well done we are proud of you, now let the Morgan take it from here! Enjoy some of our ‘shoutin’ Sunday’ specials. With our funday Sunday cocktail, we like to change it up and give you something different every week. Or our 2 vodkas and a redbull for only €12. It will wake you up and have you flying around the place in no time. Maybe it’s a the simple things in life for you? How about a nice pint of our selected beer for just a fiver?

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Have you got that summer feeling? Sure it’s not exactly Calli beach but we have a great way to get you and your friends feeling like it’s 28 degrees outside! We have great offers on our BBQ from burgers to salads, wings to steak. We can give you a ‘flamin good barbby’ (said in an awful attempt at an Australian accent.) Why not gather all your friends and enjoy a BBQ and drinks with us here at the Morgan? It surely won’t disappoint. You feel like you’re in the tropics and our smoking area is heated so you will totally forget you live in Ireland. You can contact us and choose from the array of BBQ treats. Maybe just not before your lunch break, hungry shopping is not the right decision -we all know where that leads and our menus are really good.



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