The Morgan’s Fav Summer Drinks

The Morgan’s Fav Summer Drinks

As we all know during the Summer , a nice cold drink on a hot day is just fabulous!! Take a peek into The Morgan’s fav drinks…

Tequila Sunrise

This classic cocktail is so fab and refreshing! It will taste even better on a hot summer’s day!! Made with tequila, orange juice and grenadine syrup, it even looks like a taste of Summer!!

Tequila Sunrise

Summer Fruit Daiquiri

This icy concoction of berries is perfect for a sunny day! It has many different flavours and gives you the chance to pick your fav!!  It’s like a mixture of a cocktail and a slushy and it will cool you right down! This has to be one of my fav’s!



Traditional Lemonade

If you’re not looking for anything alcoholic, the best of all is the classic lemonade!Cool and refreshing.. You can pick from a range of flavours that will quench that thirst!


Morgan Bubbles

Cocktail Menu

The Morgan has an endless list of cocktails, but The Morgan Bubbles is perfect for a Summer’s evening. Made with prosecco, lime juice, mango puree and elderflower liquer.. In this Dublin Bar you’ll be sure to be asking for another!

Morgan Bubbles

Gin & Tonic

What else could be more refreshing than the Gin & Tonic? With the lime on the side it is just perfect for a sunny day!! Start off with one of these and you can always move on to the cocktails later!!

Gin and Tonic











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