Morgan’s Fav Summer Things To Do

Morgan’s Fav Summer Things To Do

The Morgan loves summer time and here are our favourite things to do..
Going to the beach

On a hot summer’s day, who doesn’t like strolling along the beach? Make the most of the good weather and get the sand in between your toes!! Take a trip down to Brittas Bay or Partmarnock and take in the Gorgeous views!!


Picnic in the Park

On a hot Summer’s Day, it is so nice to get out of the house and to have lunch outside! St. Stephen’s Green is a fab spot and perfect for a lovely stroll afterwards!!

Picnic in the park

Penthouse BBQ

Us Irish wait all year to have a BBQ, what makes it better in The Morgan is The Penthouse! It has fabulous views and loads of space for you and your friends to hang out in this cool bar and chill all day long!

Penthouse BBQ

Mountain Walks

Dublin with good weather is beautiful! The Dublin Mountain’s will show you the amazing views of the city!! Take in the fresh air and appreciate the surroundings.. 

Mountain Walks

Cocktails in The Courtyard

There is nothing better than a refreshing cocktail on a hot summer’s day! Sit back and relax in this cool bar in our comfy Perisian Courtyard and sip away..

Perisian Courtyard

 Eating Ice cream

Who doesn’t like an ice cream on a hot day? The famous 99 has to be one of the best! Add in the flake and it tastes just like heaven..

99 Ice Cream

Swim down at the Forty Ft

Everyone has to take a trip to the Forty Ft in Dunlaoighre in the Summer!! Jump in and take a swim , it will cool you right down and is a great laugh with a group of your friends!!

Forty Foot














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