New Lunch and all day menu at The Morgan Bar

New Lunch and all day menu at The Morgan Bar

The Morgan Bar new lunch and dinner menu

Well, look who’s coming for lunch and dinner. Us, that’s who. Here at the Morgan at Temple Bar, we have come up with a brand new Lunch and dinner menu. From good old fashioned Dubliner Fish and Chips or our quirky Ballymaloe Creamy Chicken Curry. Yes we were surprised how well it went together too. There is something for everyone. For the big eater there is  The Big Stack Bacon & Cheese Burger. For those who like to eat a little lighter in the hot weather, try our salmon salad. There is no end to our tasty delights.

It’s Monday, you had a bit of a late one last night (you were here with us celebrating Sunday Shoutin’ in style). Then Monday morning blues hits and you’re thinking. Why is The Morgan such a great place to party? Well from all of us here… Sorry we Regret Nothing !!! But we can make it up to you. Lunch time is about to get good. Sit down and enjoy a Ham & Cheese Croque Monsieur and a sneaky cocktail. We won’t tell anyone we swear. This takes ham and cheese to a new level,  the crisp bread and mouth watering béchamel sauce along with a side of fries. You can kiss your hangover goodbye. It’s like a hug for the tummy. We want you to feel like you can come to us with anything. And we will give you comfort food soooo good, you’ll be grinning like the cat that got the cream. Or the Creamy Crab & Smoked Salmon Sandwich. Ok Ok enough cheesy jokes from me. Just have our cheese board instead. I’ll just go shall I? But before I do you should know. We serve food 12-9pm and from vegetarian, to steak cooked blue we are sure we have something for you. I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it! I’m sorry,  that was the last one Promise!

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