Saturday’s at The Morgan

Saturday’s at The Morgan

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Ah There ya are, I’ve been looking for you. I want to tell you all about our Saturday’s here at The Morgan Bar. Arriving at 12 midday? Well your right on time, lunch is just about to start, so prop yourself up at the bar and have a read of our new brunch or  lunch menu Ordering the Morgan club and a Pint of Peron   i maybe?  The Italian delight is a new entry to our list of draught beers. The beer is cold and the club? well you couldn’t beat it. Yes I’m starting the cheesy jokes early, so sit tight. You can keep us early starters company as we get the bar set. Ask the staff to tell you about the last ladies and boys nights out. Let’s just say there are some good stories. Or keep an eye out for some of the regulars they’ll give you a good laugh and maybe know some of the staff secrets. Then you only have to wait a couple of hours before social hours begin. Ask us to make you a cocktail that has made the list. I’m sure we are bored of cutting limes. There is nothing like a good old Mojito to start you off. Then the gloves are off as more and more staff and customers come in you can join in on the fun and games.Cocktail image


The guys will be saying hello with hugs and smiles and getting each other ready for the busy night ahead. We’ll be on our first or fourth coffee and we can even rustle up an espresso martini for you. Don’t Mind the staff just in. All of us aren’t really human ’till we’ve had our coffee. You may have left us for an hour or so to have your drink in our court yard, weather permitting. It might just have been for ten minutes knowing Irish weather. Now as the reserved signs go out for  the big parties later on. You can pop over to a table, grab a lovely dinner from our dinner menu.

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Soakage is key for an all day session. Maybe even try a Bacon and Cheese double steak burger. Wash it down with another pint, maybe a Hop House 13. Home grown just a little further down the queues the Guinness larger is one to watch since it’s launch earlier in the year. Now the hours have passed all the staff have met you and sure aren’t you part of the Morgan Family now.

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As the Sun starts to set, our in house D.J is starting to get the mood going. Don’t be afraid of what happens next. But as is the Morgan way. All the staff will soon start to dance. You are of course encouraged to join in. Soon there’ll be a sax and some bongo’s accompanying  our D.J. The drink will be a flowing from beer to wine, cocktails to neat whiskey. We wont tell anyone what it is that happens but when you wake up Sunday cursing the light for being so bright. And wondering why everyone feels the need to scream. Pop back in to us. We will give you a smile try not to yell. And make you some food and a hair of the dog. And try figure out what exactly did happen after that forth tequila……



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