Why you should have your ‘Sex and the City break’ at The Morgan Hotel in Dublin

Why you should have your ‘Sex and the City break’ at The Morgan Hotel in Dublin

Shopaholics Heaven

We think Carrie & the gang would approve of The Morgan as it has some of the best shopping hotspots in the city only a stone’s throw away like Grafton Street, which is one of the most iconic streets in the city for shopping and is home to Brown Thomas, where you can get some fabulous designer shoes and handbags that Carrie would definitely approve of. Henry Street, which is right around the corner from us, is also home to some of the most fashionable brands out there. The Jervis centre, another popular shopping hotspot in the city is also within walking distance from the Morgan (10 minute walk to be exact, shop ‘til you drop ladies!)

Pamper party!

Ask yourself, what would the girls do if they stayed at the fabulous Morgan Hotel? Yes, you guessed it!! They would pamper themselves with the ULTIMATE BEAUTY PACKAGE.. Our Vogue beauty package, sip on some champagne and have a good gossip with the girlos.


Enjoy professional makeup application and tips, an expert hair stylist, professional set and lighting equipment with an onsite photoshoot! #Vogue You’ll be all set to go out and paint the town red. Back to The Morgan for the best sleep ever in our custom made respa beds from Milan or you can get up to some more cheeky antics, if you’re anything like Samantha ;) #hehehe

Party like it’s 1994..

The Morgan Bar has some of the best cocktails in Dublin city. Our talented mixologists will use their magic hands to whip you up some of our famous cocktails like the Morgan Bubbles. The Morgan Bubbles like Charlotte is sweet like the mango puree, it is one of our classier cocktails topped with prosecco.

Try the Flaming Morgan which is delightful but also very like Carrie, the firey fox. The HOT B.I.T.C.H, has got spunk & spice just like Samantha. Try the Coco Loco which is light but if you have too many, you may go a bit ‘Loco’ like Miranda does, that crazy workaholic. We also have drinks for the men in your life… How about the classy Bulleit Bourbon like Mr. Big or a classic ol’ gin and tonic like Stanford, the typical classic character. And how about that good pint of lush Guinness like manly Steve, something straight laced with no fuss.

Hitting the Hotspots

There are also plenty of make-up parlours that you can get your make up done in within a few minutes of the Morgan. You will just be raking in the compliments with that “new botox glow”

You’ll be in great form after soaking up the stylish Morgan surroundings, getting done up to the nines and you and the girls will be ready to conquer the town just like Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. Make it a trip to remember with #TheMorganHotel and have a look at our girlie shopping breaks.





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