The Irish And The Sun

The Irish And The Sun

In Ireland, we all are huge fans of the Sun! We don’t get it that often and as soon as it comes out the Irish have certain ways of doing things…
Packed Beaches

As soon as the sun arrives , The Irish leg it to the beach!! Don’t forget the Sunscream and Good luck getting a spot..

Packed Beaches

Sunburn Epidemic

The Irish and the sun are not always the best of mates! We burn as soon as we hear about the sun.. Get ready for all the red faces this summer!!

Sunburn Epidemic

The Ice Cream Van

You know the suns out when you hear that familiar tune, it only has to be the ice cream van! The Irish run to it like it’s going out of fashion..

Ice Cream Van


The Pubs are full

Drinking, Irish and sun just go hand in hand!! The Morgan Bar is a perfect Dublin pub for a few cocktails on a hot summer’s day!


Complain About the Heat

It wouldn’t be a normal sunny day without the Irish complaining about the heat! Typical.. we wait all year for the sun and then we end up moaning about it being too hot?

Complaining about the heat


















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