A Few Things Us Females Do Coming Into Winter

A Few Things Us Females Do Coming Into Winter

So we are slowly exiting the summer season. No more natural tans, crop tops, shorts. No more bright colours to enhance our fabulous bronzed skin, or wearing all white. It’s time to get the winter woollies, bobble hats, blanket scarves and jumpers. Not only that, your new drink from The Morgan Bar will change from a tropical Coco Loco to a Bad Boys Jack Daniels whiskey to keep yourself warm against the winter chill. Here is the Morgan’s pretty accurate list of a few things us females do coming into winter:

  1. Shopping!!! Yay!! Of course you have to blow all your savings on new coats, winter woollies, woolly socks, pyjamas, slippers, dressing gowns etc. because yes it is cold and you can’t use anything from last year. New season new you!

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2. All Summer you’d be going on about how much you cannot wait for winter. It’s YOUR season, you LOVE going to those winter markets and ice-skating and you love Christmas. When it finally comes you will moan about the cold air, wearing more layers and that the wind and rain is wrecking all of your umbrellas cause that’s just what us ladies do

3. Our Instagram feeds will become rife with all things winter related including coffees with spices to warm yourselves and ginger teas and hot lemon and water to protect against the flu and boost metabolism. Not to mention some sneaky Christmas related pics showing your excitement for the festive season

4. Welcome to the jungle – leg hair, now once the tights and woolly trousers come out the razor gets put away! This is until you realise you never knew what your legs would look like if you were a man – this is when the razor is taken off the dusty shelf for a serious landscaping job

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5. Learn some winter warming recipes, get that domestic goddess out and show you can cook a big hearty roast with all the trimmings!

6. FORTS – yes!! You and your lady friends will have super cosy, pyjama nights in by a warm fire with blankets and cushions galore! The tv room just becomes a cloud with duvets and fluffy socks everywhere and hot chocolate on tap

7. You will never be fully equipped to deal with the Irish winter weather. Your guide: umbrella (x2) as one will turn inside out and break with the wind/rain, a waterproof coat that’s light as it could be warm, sun cream – because the sun likes to make an appearance every now and then, sunglasses & a woolly beanie. We would  recommend wellies too but these aren’t always a convenient choice

8. The fake tan comes back – yep say goodbye to that Summer glow it’s gone for another 8-9 months, it’s safer to get it from a bottle anyway

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9. Drinkies – your drink of choice will change – no more Morgan Bubbles – time to move onto the hard stuff to keep yourself warm against the evening chill, time for Scent Of A Woman with Hennessy or a Flaming Morgan with flaming formula to keep you warm ;)

So when winter comes, get your winter woollies on, 2-3 umbrellas, sunglasses and head to The Morgan Bar to get stuck into your new winter beverage!



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