A Few Of The Weirdest Things To Happen At The Morgan

A Few Of The Weirdest Things To Happen At The Morgan

Here a few of the weirdest things to happen at The Morgan…..

Where do we start?? If we ever had a normal day at The Morgan, we’d be worried. There’s always something quirky or different happening. When you’re based right in the centre of Temple Bar, there’s always bound to be something out of the norm going on. So what stories do we have in store for you????

We’ll start with when our GM, Declan accidentally got speaking to a former legend and didn’t even realise it at the time. He was helping this young man with his bags and thought he looked familiar. He asked him if he stayed before and he said he didn’t, he probed further and eventually found out that he was a DJ visiting Ireland.

“We began to have a long chat about music and how he liked the music and vibes of the Morgan.  he seemed really knowledgeable and was able to offer insights on what we were doing and the direction of music in general and I was really impressed but I still couldn’t shake the feeling I knew him.  He told me his name was Jonas and left ..


About 2 weeks later I was reading an article on DJ’s in a magazine and saw the same man promoting his recent tour dates ……. His name was Jonas Erik Altberg……. Basshunter !!!”

Our Receptionist also came across strange things happening during her time in the lobby including a trivial lady who used to come in on a regular basis. Turns out she came in strictly to stuff bread in the loos…..We’ve also had a man come into the bar with a very small dog hidden in his bag, somebody noticed the bag was moving and thought they were losing it!

We call this particular story “A stitch in time”

We had a regular who while out on a night out broke the strap on the back of her top, she was very upset and as it was only brand new. Our General Manager came across her in the bar.

He knew her quite well and she relayed her predicament. As the GM hates to see people upset, he grabbed some thread and began to stitch the strap back on to the outfit – while she was still wearing it!!

“One spool of thread and several pricked fingers later the job the was completed or so I thought. Later that night the strap at the front broke again. She asked for my assistance again but this was a bit close to the bone so on this occasion I had to decline……. “




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