What to do for Saint Patrick’s Day in Dublin

What to do for Saint Patrick’s Day in Dublin

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This year represents the 21st year of St. Patrick’s Day. It first started in 1995. The festival brings celebration and dedication to one man, Saint Patrick.So It’s almost upon us, the big international Green Day- St Patrick’s Festival! After booking your trains, flights and hotel rooms the next step is to plan what way is the best way to experience Paddy’s Day in Dublin. Well fret no longer, we’re here to help with our Top Ten things to do in Dublin on Paddy’s Day!!


1)The Parade

The Parade takes place in Dublin’s City Centre on the 17th of March. This fun filled event includes a unique theme each year. If you are around Dublin City there is no way of avoiding this.. so go and enjoy yourself .. NOW! http://www.stpatricksfestival.ie/parade



2)The Pubs-

What else would you be doing at an event like this with the Irish? That’s right.. drinking! Take a pick from our range of pubs in templebar. Get out early to get a seat as this festival can become very very busy!! The pubs will be absolutely buzzing.. everyone will be having the craic! Here is just a taste of a few : http://www.dublintourist.com/directory/nightlife/pubs/city_centre/temple_bar/




4)The Irish boat races-  

On Saturday the 14th of March, two of Dublin’s most famous colleges Trinity and UCD will take on a 2km boat race down the river liffey. Now if you don’t think that will be nail biting to watch.. I don’t know what is!

5)I Love My City-

For the weekend that is in it, Irish Culture events is a must do! There will be events taking place all around Dublin in various historical locations. These events will include literature, music, song, visual art and more. Hang on and take a look at the events taking place this year, you won’t want to miss out!! http://www.stpatricksfestival.ie/events/love-my-city

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6)The Irish beer and whiskey festival-

The title of the event speaks for itself and the fact is you have to be there! It is going on from the 13th of March up until the 17th of March in the RDS so there can be no excuses not to attend this drinking festival! Go Wild!! http://www.stpatricksfestival.ie/events/event/Irish_Craft_Beer_Food_Market

whiskey fest



7)Greening the City-

Even though this is not a so called major event. You have to witness it!! The greening of the city includes a few Dublin buildings that have signed up to all light themselves green for Paddy’s weekend! It will be very beautiful I must add! Here is a list of all the buildings taking part – http://www.stpatricksfestival.ie/events/event/greening_the_city

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8)Music in Dublin City-

You can’t go through the whole weekend without a music session! Dublin has a massive choice of music venues and live music! These artists will both be playing inside venues and also on the streets for your own entertainment. Some are free.. some are not! Take a peak – http://www.stpatricksfestival.ie/events/event/music_in_the_city2

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9)The Morgan Bar-

In the heart of Dublin City’s Centre, The Morgan bar is a venue you don’t to pass by! On Paddy’s Day , come in and see singer/songwriter Rob Reid and take a peak at his facebook page to see other venues he has played in https://www.facebook.com/RobReidLive/. Later on bop away to DJ Jamie Byrne who plays in The Morgan bar every Thursday night – http://themorganbar.ie/dj-jamie-byrne-thursday-nights.  While enjoying these artists , you can be served Irish stew and a pint of Guinness for only 10 euro!!

Guinness at Paddys


10)Explore Dublin on  your Bike

‘See Dublin By Bike’ hits the streets of the capital this St. Patrick’s Festival weekend for a special Easter Rising bike tour to discover the rich history, folklore, unique architecture and atmosphere of Dublin city.  ‘See Dublin By Bike’ takes you on a journey through some of the main sites of the Rebellion such as the GPO and Moore Street, where the rebels surrendered, to occupied buildings such as Boland’s Mills and Jacob’s Factory and to Dublin Castle, where government power was centred.

Tour guides re-live the momentous week profiling the main protagonists and offer reflections on the historical context, aftermath and legacy of the rebellion, all against the historical backdrop of Dublin city.



There you go folks- a good guide to experience Saint Patrick’s Day which involves drink,food and exploration! Wishing you all a very Green festival…

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