What’s Going On This Weekend?

What’s Going On This Weekend?

From Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna having a baby called Dream …

To Donald Trump being elected President, there’s a lot of weird shtuff going on in the world (or maybe just America). We think everyone needs to zone out from the world’s madness and have a good time before the dreaded week starts again. 😭

Jenny Greene & RTE Orchestra Night

Who knew Jenny Greene and the RTE Orchestra would be a lethal combo? They’re playing this Sunday and we are hosting an after party with 23% OFF ALL BOOZE after 9pm. We’ll be playing the best of the 90s with DJ Steve O to celebrate the sensational unity that is Jenny Greene and the RTE Orchestra! Doors open at 8pm.

Katie Hopkins is on the Late Late Show tonight, WTFFFF

Well this is just a tad ridonculous.. the lady (that’s us being rather complimentary) slagged off kids named after place names when her child is called INDIA … Hypocrite much??? RTE are predicted to have racked up nearly 700 complaints already. Well if you’re having a night in, just sit back and soak up the controversy from the comfort of your sofa and watch the tomfoolery unfold.

McGregor’s Match

At the press conference in New York he shows up a bit and says “sorry I’m late, I just don’t give a f***.” What a legend! Well we all saw after his fight against Diaz he’s a man reborn and if we were Alvarez we’d be quaking in our boots. 😓

Start Up Weekend Dublin

Basically if you’re considering starting a business, this is a great opportunity to pitch your idea to people in the know and get feedback. A vote takes place on the most popular ideas, teams are formed to work on a thorough process involving steps from business model creation to market validation. THEN teams present to entrepreneurial leaders who will then throw in their 2 cents. IT STARTS today at 6.30pm so you’d want to get your skates on if you want to get involved. It’s on in the Google Building on Barrow Street.

Ireland V Canada

Taking place at the Aviva at 7.15pm (perfect drinking time) the two teams haven’t faced each other since last year, we beat them then can we beat them now?? #COYBIG whether you’re at the Aviva, the pub or at a gaff with your mates it’s always good to see the lads and they appreciate the support.

Image result for irish rugby team gif

Warehouse Weekend Sale

Arnotts Department store are offering up to 70% off tomorrow and Sunday from 10am – 3pm at Furry Park Industrial Estate in Turnapin Little, Dublin 9. The sale is specifically for furniture, electrical and homeware. The ideal spot for new home owners or if you just started renting a place!

Well there you have it a few things on this weekend you mightn’t have heard about. If all else fails you can always come round and we’ll serve you up a nice, tall cocktail!




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